Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Portland 2016: a classist mess in the 'City of Roses'

J. Alfred Prufrock. Still poetic razor sharp classist analysis ? The tales of social isolation, tell again on the urban grid of Portland, OR. Class warfare is alive in 2016. Digital fallout melting the streets with the have nots. A homeless crowd pauses. Too long? Taking over streets by he thousands. Proxy life. Clutterers. Materialism, the religion in the U.S. of A.
Entitled poor gather stuff. Everywhere. Camps looking like dump sites. Dropping waste were they stand. Sleep. Falling down onto the ground and into the water.
Defecating esctasy, just the reason for financial.[D. Bowie]
I watched a girl with a needle in her arm at 2pm. Skid row streets. Good for a day or maybe two. Move on, cops keep pushing you. Fascist pushing us all. How long will we take it? Being pushed always. The assembly line of outcast. Take up another filth somewhere else? Aren't we all outcasts, eventually?
'In a room women come and go, talking of Michaelangelo'[T.S. Eliot]
Restaurants full of patrons dining lavish. Eating their credit card illusions. Homeless families live outside, on city sidewalks. In alleys, parks. Junk falling out of parked, undriveable vans. The outsiders, like Prufrock looking in. Lazy consumers drink 100 dollar Pinots. Portlanders obey the consumption perfectly. Talk liberal or praise city invention. Should be no surprise Trump won.                                                   
Who cares about Mother Earth!?
Standing Rock Water Protectors brave effort to defend 'our' waters from corporate greed and classic banking abuse goes unnoticed
Why are the Native Americans(North and South) the only people defending the earth? 
Today, Americans feed through digital phone screens. Life of illusion. The convinced material of psychotics. Wake up. Do it again. Don't be late for the buying buy. Over and over.
Self help psychobabble is all the same. Download my app? Buy my book? Ship me another box of stuff? Shop away your fears.
Americans are getting away with it? All of it falling onto the ground and into the water. Pop a pill and march, march, march into the video sunset...

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