Saturday, November 7, 2020

Red Nation International Film Festival 2020

World Film Premiere -- November 6, 2020

When Loni found RNIFF we submitted 

SHUAR "Sendero de Vida'

instantly [certain we'd never be honored by their approval]. Our film was always made for Indigenous groups, always for the people whom globally had defended Mother Earth. From the Standing Rock Water Protectors to the Worani's success in Pastaza courts they were our LEGITIMATE world leaders. It was obvious everywhere we watched.They were willing to put their lives on the line every time for water, land, air: Pachamama. These N.& S. American Indigenous groups were the most important people's on the planet! 

If we can't live on our home, planet earth, with respect than we(alll humans) are insane psychotics.There is nothing more sick & wrong that destroying were you live...on purpose. As addicts of a materialistic system, controlled by international banks with a long-game view, we were getting ridiculously played by a tiny group of men. It's terrible to see this aggressive style of capitalism devolve into carniverous, one-dimensional internet guided attack upon Mother Earth . I just kept saying, 'REALLY, this is the best we got!"

I mean, 'REALLY!' I thought, is that the best a democratic society can do? The earth was being torn apart for natural resources. Everywhere. Always. But, in the Amazon jungle the destructiion was happening anonymously. Secret aggression on our only planet wasn't made up by anyone, anywhere. What I've seen proves it absolutely true. It's was terrible to watch. Not news anymore, but reality show entertainment consumed the realiy. The new normal.

It was time we did something! We left the United States for the Amazon 2012 to re-start our lives. We've built our dream on the very idea that one day a WORLD FILM PREMIERE EVENT would occur. It did November 6, 2020. The history anomaly year of stupidity. But, in the delusional state of pandemics, we were blessed with the most important Indigenous Film Festival on the planet: RNIFF. That is how the Great Spirit operates. She's divine. She guides.

'This doc film is only part of the journey. There is more proyectos ahead'

Saturday, May 25, 2019


'I have said for decades that any 'new agers' whom call money just an energy are full of shit'