Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Emergency Trip to the Pastaza, Ecuador to deliver medicine for Luis Kuash

We took Elan out of school March 19 and went directly to Arutma Kakarmari to deliver medicine for a chronic prostate diagnosis. Our message was a long time coming. No more flouridated salt, sugar, vegetable oil in his diet. The local tiendas sell these poisons to all remote communities in Latin America. It is one of the effective, unnoticeable methods of 'new school' colonialization globally.

Monday, April 11, 2022

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Lift-Off Global Network Film Festival 2021--Interview with Tessie Herrasti

  • Tessie Herrasti

    Hello everyone and my dearest Gregorio and Loni from Fogata Films here is the conversation we had together, please share it whenever you can so that the message and this spaces of dialogue can reach more people. I hope everyone is safe and well.

Friday, June 25, 2021

Covid Cult

Beware of the Covid Cult. The newest theological neo-liberal hornet nest apparition 'complete' with classic public Christian chastisement. Some of you already know this gig? If you don't agree then you are doomed to hell. In this case, you're 'killing' people or other outlandish nonsense. Regrettably, a tiresome verbal abuse follows tragically upon family & friends(history sustain). Obsequious, one-dimensional zombie zealots whom unleash unapologetic dogma void of logic or facts. Warning flag everyone: judgmental orthodoxy goes very deep in the roots of American history!

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Berlin Lift-Off Film Festival has posted a response to your review.

Berlin Lift-Off Film Festival

Whilst we can't wait to get back to live events, it's always good to take the positives, and we're so glad you enjoyed and made the most of the online festival. Thank you for screening with us!

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Red Nation International Film Festival 2020

World Film Premiere -- November 6, 2020

When we found RNIFF we instantly submitted our documentary film SHUAR 'Sendero de Vida'

Our film was always made for Indigenous groups, always for the people whom globally had defended Mother Earth. From the Standing Rock Water Protectors to the Worani's success in Pastaza courts they were our LEGITIMATE world leaders. It was obvious everywhere we watched that they were willing to put their lives on the for water, land, air.

If we can't live on our home, planet earth, with respect than we are obvious psychotics.There is nothing more sick & wrong that destroying were we live. As addicts of a materialistic system, controlled by international banks with a long-game view, we were getting played by a tiny group of men. It's terrible to see this aggressive style of capitalism devolve into carniverous, one-dimensional internet economics. 'REALLY, is this is the best we got!"

I mean, 'REALLY!' is this the best a democratic society can do? The earth is being torn apart for natural resources. Everywhere. But, in the Amazon jungle the destruction was happening anonymously. What I've seen with my own eyes proves it absolutely true. It's was terrible to watch. Why was no one covering this 'story'?

It was time we did something! We left the United States for the Amazon 2012. We've built our dream on the very idea that one day a WORLD FILM PREMIERE EVENT would occur. It did November 6, 2020. But, in the delusional state of pandemics, we were blessed with this important Indigenous Film Festival. The Great Spirit is  divine. She guides.

'This doc film is only part of the journey. There is more proyectos ahead'