Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Jair Bolsonaro’s Close Family Ties to Paramilitary Gangs

Why is this important? 

The Amazon is under attack at a new level now! The president elect, Jair Bolsonaro,  supports the strategy of killing Indigenous whom defend their traditional Amazonian lands. 

His economic policies support full privatization of 'natural resources'. This is the beginning of the end unless something 'fundamental' occurs. There is ONE Amazon! 

The Yasuni in Ecuador, holding 15% of the world's bio-diversity, is no different for the globalists. They want to steal natural resources. During this insaniac period of global economics, the Amazon jungle needs legitimate, sound moral efforts from informed and activated people who can see beyond their petty digital lives.

Don't look away from the screen...just keep staring at your phone. It will go away? Burning Man will save you all! Or, just order a pizza with a new fancy app...hmm, how glorious is the face of technology. 

The 'age of lies' held in the palm of your hand.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Venezuela wants no part of an intervention

1999 was my first visit to South America. We traveled in Venezuela in 2008 for three months. Oh, the beaches...the mountains!. Incredible place!
Hundreds of thousands of Venezueleanos have traveled into Ecuador. My first direct experience with mass migration. I think, a story for the future of the planet earth.
Ever time we go to town we see folks from Venezuela(I can pick them out of a crowd instantly). I asked them 'que pasa?' They spill their stories of travel, forced change and long distances from loved one. All are nice folks.
They are looking for work. Food. Shelter. The basics. Many are sending money home to family in Venezuela. It's hard to find work? Some are desperate. Alone. Hard to be like that! This isn't good for Ecuador!
But, none of them want the military from the US, or others nations to get involved in Venezuela. 
They always say, 'hay un eleccion legal y Maduro es presidente'.