Friday, August 23, 2019

the mission of 'Sendero de Vida'

'la defensa Pachamama'
Organizing Indigenous projects which is determined by pueblo consensus starts the work process. That's what we did in the Amazon. Eat, play, dance, sing in Indigenous comunidades is a 'minga'. Translated: 'a work day' WE all work together & that's normal with community. Man or beast, we eat. Drink lots of chi-cha. Noone gets paid!
We are not here to tell anyone 'how to live' or 'what to do'. We listen, get resources & materials. Do work! That is 'our' role? Fogata films follows when necessary, leads appropriately.
The pedantic Christian paradigm robbed culture, terrorized sacred lands & welcomed industrialists. KNOW that paradigm? Bankers in a different building. Idols: cross or cash.
By accident & spirit focus, two travelers found sanctuary & earth connection. We discovered a legitimate place to raise our son peacefully without the false 'god of technology'. And, the death of consumerism? The art choices we've made created a 'doc film' but more broadly, we were gifted a lifestyle in South America with Indigenous comunidades.

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