Wednesday, December 19, 2018

U.S. <> Systemic Social Selfishness

'Democratic Socialism' is not possible in these United States. We thrive on individual selfishness. That is the paradigm.
Bernie Sanders, whom we loved for the election 2016, gave the election momentum to frat boy T when he decided to pull out of the race. He galvinized the electorate. It was wonderful to witness. T. took advantage of this social avalanche, won as a celebrity. He was created as a decoy by the elites. D.T. was only intended to remove any formidable Republican challengers. He did, his way and pulled off an unprecedented victory. Everyone was in shock when the final results arrived. The elites never expected that to happen. H. Clinton was their trained lap dog.
B.S. then foolishly sided with the Dem party. A tragedy. Never side with institutionalized party agenda if you 'really' expect to make change in this failing republic?
Just need to examine your nations history to see that 'democratic socialism' will never work in these United States.

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